Riona Sinclaire

Sharyalan Researcher - Void Specialist


A native of Sharlayan and one of the foremost experts on properties of the void and of the machi empire. Riona has always been one to dive into the mystery surrounding the mysterious and often time dangerous voidsent.In her days at the studium she was always known to be in a book. However, in time her studies took her to meet with a contact. Where in she found herself involved with a more shady organization.Though the chance to study and become more knowledgeable of voidsent would have her stay, providing her much-needed expertise.Now tasked with a mission to oversee a potential interest to her organization. She has come found herself back in the heart of eorzea once more.

*Story is short how she turns out is completely up to the roleplay situations she finds herself in! So check back on updates to see how she is doing!

Physical Stats

Name: Riona Sinclaire
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Occupation: Voidsent Researcher
Hair Color: Jet Black & Green
Skin Color: Tan
Hair Style: Side Ponytail
Eye Color: Crimson Red
Height: 5'5
Weight: 130 lbs
Riona is calm and collected and can come off as rather bookish to most people that meet her. Though she seems to have a glow about her when engaged with something new or relevant
*Due to void corruption there are times where Riona's physical form can shift.

Rp Hooks

General HooksVoidsent: Due to her exposure to many voidsent. Her aether would have a very alluring sent for voidsentCombat Indept While she is quite learned. Riona has very little in ways of combat and always looking to learn more and become better at it.Knowlegable Being a native of Sharlayan. She has a great deal of knowledge outside of her specialty. If you ask her she'll likely know.Adventure Envy She envys the tales and the trails of the adventurer and secretly wants to delved into it more.This is what I could think of. I am really easy to approach. So don't feel shy to drop me a tell or even just walk up and start rping. If I am free I will respond!To note as her trauma extends to male company and pirates. These are elements that she will be quite defensive towards. The player personally has no problems with any of those!

Before Proceeding!

So before proceeding, I would like to let you know. That I the player do not condone sexual advances or media towards underaged individuals.That being said however I consider based on the lore and information given in-game. That lalafell of an adult age are considered full-on adults in terms of the game ant the world.

NSFW Details

- Constant exposure to experiments dealing with voidsent. Has left her personal aether corrupted slightly. As a result, feeling and drawing aether fills her with intense euphoria.- Riona has sensitive areas around her neck and rear and thighs. As grabbing this area generally makes her far more obedient.- Riona is a bit of a thrill-seeker willing to try potions and objects in sexual interactions much to her detriment sometimes- Riona does incorporate an aetherial protective layer to accommodate larger lovers and prevent accidental impregnation.- Reiona does know a few void based magicks who's application involves the bedroom

NSFW Hooks

Aether Drugged - If you have a strong ethier or give off void-based aether. It would be very easy to put her in a compromised state. In the worst case it does render her more obedient and more submissive as a result.Combat Kidnapping - Fight her, Beat her in combat. At that point if she is unable to fight back. Then she is pretty much a victim to whatever desire you have at that point.Experimenting- Being a sharylalan she is always willing to test and try new things. That includes things that can be potentially dangerous or put her in a compromising position.Brainwashing Magic-Drugs/Slavery - So a type a long term rp I would love to do is to have her brainwashed into being a pet (dog or cat) and be under someone's direct control and suggestion.I can do this as a long-term thing or you can implant a spell or suggestion in her. So you can just activate her brainwashing whenever.